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Fall Favorites 🍂

Aaahhhhh…….the season of fall, how we love thee. The crisp air, the cooler weather, cozy fires, cozy blankets, colorful leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving…. It’s the most wonderful season of all! The season of fall gives us a bit of a breather so we can take a minute to relax, stop sweating so darn much, and enjoy this precious moment before the craziness of the holidays and chilly weather are upon us. Here at Bosland’s Flower Shop, we love fall because we get to use some of Mother Nature’s most gorgeous offerings to create beautiful fall-themed arrangements. Dahlias, chrysanthemums, celosia, berries, and wheat come together in pleasing designs that announce the arrival of fall. There’s so much to love about fall that we put all our great fall blogs together for you here. Brush up on fall trends, decorations, florals, and more! Read them with a cup of delicious hot apple cider for full fall effect!

Create a Fabulous Fall Display on Your Front Porch

Fall introduces us to colors, weather, and patterns we haven’t seen in quite a while, so when the cooler days and deep fall hues begin to show up, it’s worth celebrating.

Choose Gorgeous Mums for Fall Decor

The beauty of the fall season brings so much excitement with it, especially when you consider the variety provided by flowers like chrysanthemums. With their large, showy blooms, spectrum of colors, and countless varieties, mums are a beautiful addition to any fall scene.

Share Our Fall Collection

Fall is a fabulous time to experience cooler weather, seasons changing, and a nip in the air. We also look forward to gorgeous fall blooms and blooming plants this time of year.

Chrysanthemums: The Ultimate Fall Flower

We often associate certain flowers with certain times of the year. Red roses, for example, are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day, and spring never really arrives until the tulips start popping up.

Here are Our 5 Favorite Flowers

Having a favorite flower is a sign of thoughtful consideration of who you are and what you believe about yourself. When you choose a favorite (or a few favorites!), you show a bit of your personality to the world.

Great Gift Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Hosts

Family and friends gather each November to give thanks for the many blessings in their lives. Food is often the center of the festivities. When you have been invited to someone’s home for a holiday meal, it is customary to provide a gift for the host.

Celebrate Halloween and Harvest With Festive Floral Arrangements

Depending on how you like to celebrate the season, the spirit of Halloween can represent many different things. For some, it’s a time of abundance represented by harvest and hoards of candy.

Bringing Back Brown

Every season brings with it a new “hot” color pallet that dictates everything from high fashion to floral designs. Certain decades are even defined by the colors that were popular during that particular era.

Last-Minute DIY Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here, but it’s not too late for some last-minute DIY decorating tips and craft ideas. If you’re in charge of cooking this year’s dinner but haven’t started planning yet… never fear!

The Centerpiece of a Perfect Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s almost that time of the year once again to reflect on the things for which we are thankful as we share the beginning of the holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones.