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Posted by boslandsflowershop on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: October 30, 2020 Autumn Flowers Fall flowers Flowers

Here Are Our 5 Favorite Flowers

Having a favorite flower is a sign of thoughtful consideration of who you are and what you believe about yourself. When you choose a favorite (or a few favorites!), you show a bit of your personality to the world. Different flowers have different meanings, each as unique and inspiring as the individuals who love them.

At Bosland’s Flower Shop, we get excited to talk about our favorite flowers, and we want to learn about yours, too! Here are some of our very favorites, what they mean to us and in general, and how you can include them in your life if they happen to be your favorites, as well.


These delicate blooms deliver gorgeous frills and ruffles with their asymmetric edges and full heads. With a fluffy appearance in an array of pastels and a light, lovely scent that inspires perfumeries around the world, peonies add a world of style to any bouquet. They’re our personal favorite for their size, their fluff, and their scent. Often seen in wedding bouquets and other romantic settings, peonies reflect a sweet, sensitive personality. Peonies are representative of a happy, caring life. Send these beauties in a design like our Bon Vivant bouquet to your favorite listener or style maven.


Being Dutch, we also love tulips! The tulip fields in Holland are incredible and each tulip reminds us of that amazing scene. We also find tulip lovers to be sweet people who easily adapt to change and love traveling. These smooth, bell-shaped blooms on smooth, thick green stems bring a distinct air of springtime to any bouquet. Our Tulips in Vase bouquet brings that vitality to a fall design, making tulips as versatile as the many colors in which you can find these delightful blooms.

Dahlia - magenta


The unique petals and amazing colors make dahlias another favorite of ours. Their short, multi-layered petals create a spherical head with pointed ends, creating a globe of color and intrigue. With a slightly untamed texture that showcases their unique style, dahlias like those featured in our Embrace Autumn bouquet reflect a sense of adventure, balance, and inner strength. Send gorgeous dahlias to your most adventure-loving friend, or keep them near you as you work to achieve balance and strength in your own life.

Purple Lilac


Full of aromatic beauty, we love lilacs for their scent as much as their promise of the approaching spring and summer. The meaning behind lilacs has its roots in Greek mythology when Syringa (the botanical name for the flowers) hid from Pan by turning herself into a lilac. Symbolizing love and adoration, these beauties tend to reflect a nostalgic personality. Send a gorgeous display like our Bon Vivant bouquet, which includes lilacs, to a fun-loving friend who tends to be adaptable and doesn’t take life too seriously.


There are one of our favorites because they bring sunshine and happiness to all. With large, open faces filled with brown, white or green centers surrounded by layers of smooth yellow petals, sunflowers are the life of the party, just like the people who admire them. Brighten someone’s day today with our Sunflowers and Succulents bouquet and celebrate their spirit of optimism and adoration.

Flowers are an important part of our lives, bringing comfort, balance, and connection to our relationships. Fill your world with your favorites and discover something new about yourself and your personality. Celebrate loved ones when you send them flowers that reflect their dynamic personality and let them know you see them for who they are. To learn more about your favorite flower, what it means and what it says about you, talk to the floral experts at Bosland’s Flower Shop. We’re excited to share our expertise with you as you choose the perfect blooms for your friends and family.