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Posted by boslandsflowershop on October 21, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Fall flowers Fall Porch Decoration

Create a Fabulous Fall Display on your Front Porch

Fall introduces us to colors, weather and patterns we haven’t seen in quite a while, so when the cooler days and deep fall hues begin to show up, it’s worth celebrating. A great way to celebrate the changing seasons and usher in the newness fall brings is by decorating for the season. You don’t have to be an artistic genius to create a beautiful fall scene on your very own front porch, either. The design experts at Bosland’s Flower Shop have some great ideas that will give your home that fall feel in no time.

Dress Up Your Porch for Fall

Fall Mum Plant

Flowers on a front porch are not only a welcoming sight, they can also serve an important purpose. Flowers tend to be seasonal, so displaying the freshest blooms that represent the current season is a great way to welcome change with open arms. In fall, the hardy fall flowers we love, coupled with some of the season’s best accent pieces, is a winning combination on any front porch. Here are some other great reasons to decorate your porch for fall (and every other season!):

  • Create curb appeal. You want your home to be a show-stopper when neighbors drive by, plus you know that when your neighbors see your fabulous Fall Mum Plants on your front porch, they’ll want a few of their own. Inspire the entire neighborhood to dress up their front steps when you decorate yours.
  • Prepare for Holidays. The appearance of fall decor in your neighborhood and around town is a great reminder that the holiday season is approaching. Help everyone around anticipate the coming holidays with your fall decor.
  • Design an inviting look for neighbors and family. With fresh lilies and sunflowers like those in our Autumn Garden Blooms, friends and family alike will feel welcome in your inviting abode. Gorgeous basket containers make a lovely fall presentation, as well.
  • Enjoy an easy makeover. We can’t always do a complete renovation on our homes, but a few strategically-placed fall accents on the front porch can bring about the newness you’re craving. Give your home a mini-makeover when you decorate the porch for fall.

Choose Interesting Containers for Fall Blooms

Galvanized Metal Buckets

The containers you choose for your fall flowers and hardy plants can be a great way to tie the essence of fall into your decor. Consider some of these great options for holding your front porch’s fall foliage:

  • Galvanized Metal Buckets: Big or small, with flowers or pumpkins, galvanized metal brings a nostalgic harvest look to your decor that won’t be soon forgotten. Plant Russian sage in a metal tub or stand corn stalks in tall thin metal containers for a farm-fresh look.
  • Wooden Crates: Use crates balanced on end or stacked, open-faced, to display fall blooms of every size. Smaller spaces can contain petunias, while large pots of marigolds can sit atop a wider edge.
  • Hanging Plants: Play with the levels and dimensions your porch offers when you hang beautiful ferns or other fall plants from the eves or a hook on a front porch post.
  • Bar Stools: Let old bar stools or a metal bar cart double as a plant stand for your fall porch. Place pumpkins, gourds or stalks of corn at varying heights for a fresh style that’s all your own.

Feel Inspired to Get Creative for Fall


Besides intriguing containers, adding a few key details to your porch’s fall design will be the extras needed to make a gorgeous impact to everyone who sees it. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Ribbon on pumpkins: Instead of carving faces into pumpkins, try simply hollowing out a few large pumpkins, filling with blooming plants or flowers like hardy chrysanthemums, then tying a matching ribbon around your pumpkin. Do a cluster of several for matching style.
  • Colorful textiles: No need to stop with ribbon on pumpkins. Extend your textile pairings to the floor mats, blankets and pillows you use for porch accents (and be ready for plenty of front porch visitors when you include such cozy accents!).
  • Corn stalks with flowers and pumpkins: Front door wreaths are always a timeless look that can take on a unique or modern flair. Add mini-corn stalks or a monochromatic floral design as seen in our Abundant Harvest Bouquet. Red lilies, roses, and carnations combine for a modern update to fall color. These floral varieties make excellent wreaths, as well!
  • Hydrangea with gourds: The combination of soft, fresh hydrangea with tough, rugged gourds in multiple colors will make both stand out beautifully.

What you choose to include on your front porch for fall will bring a style and design that’s uniquely yours. With so many decor options to choose from, you’re toughest decision will be what NOT to include. For more great ideas or design tips, talk to the professionals at Bosland’s Flower Shop. We’re here to make sure your front porch brings amazing fall style to the neighborhood this season!