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Posted by boslandsflowershop on September 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers Plants

Choose Gorgeous Mums For Fall Decor

The beauty of the fall season brings so much excitement with it, especially when you consider the variety provided by flowers like chrysanthemums. With their large, showy blooms, spectrum of colors, and countless varieties, mums are a beautiful addition to any fall scene. Add some color and warmth to update the fall look in your home, garden or office when you feature mums in your decor. But which mums should you choose? The floral experts at Bosland’s Flower Shop are here to break down the similarities and differences between chrysanthemum varieties so you can choose gifts for friends and loved ones, as well as your new look, with confidence.

Spider Mums

Named for their resemblance to spiders’ legs, spider mums have long, thin tubular petals that tend to grow in every direction. This results in a delicate, lacy design that adds rich, lush texture to fall floral bouquets. Available in a variety of colors, these fun chrysanthemums are similar to cremon mums, which also have long petals but are fuller with more volume. Our Cheerful Blooms Bouquet features yellow spider mums as a textural contrast to the smoother gerbera daisies and lilies included in this rich, colorful design.

Football Mums

Football chrysanthemums are characterized by long, thin petals curving upward and inward to form an oblong shape, resembling a football. Available in an array of colors, these mums add color and vibrant texture to any fall floral design. Our Tuscan Sun Bouquet features lemon yellow football mums that combine with protea and other yellow fall blooms to create a sunny, warm design.

Use Mums in Decor

Spice up your fall decor this season when you include colorful mums in your decor. Bright blooms can be planted in a carved pumpkin for a fresh update to fall festivities. Adding mums to window planters, or as a front-door wreath, create a seasonal look that freshens any home’s exterior. However you choose to decorate with mums, be sure they stay hydrated by watering them everyday. Place them near a window for lots of sunshine, but keep them away from heat like candles, heaters or a fireplace.

Whether you’re sending flowers for a special occasion or surrounding yourself with the delights of the season, celebrate fall in style when you include your favorite varieties and colors of chrysanthemums. Make your world a little more stunning with the versatility and beauty of these fabulous blooms. The floral designers at Bosland’s Flower Shop are happy to help you select the perfect mums for any occasion or decorating scheme you choose this fall.