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Welcome Them to the Neighborhood with Fresh Flowers and Housewarming Plants

Peering out your window to spot moving trucks and cars packed to the brim with boxes, bags, and furniture means only one thing…new neighbors! Whether it’s a new co-worker, friend, or strangers, welcoming new neighbors into town is exciting. You never know if they might become your best pal and confidant, someone to share a Sunday morning coffee with, or a sitter for your kids and pets. Here at Bosland’s Flower Shop, the best florist in Wayne, NJ, we believe in the power of friendly and thoughtful neighbors and welcoming someone with fresh flowers and vibrant plants as a housewarming gift. Learn about our favorite welcoming flowers and plants so you can be equipped with the perfect welcome gift before the moving vans appear on your street.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood


One of the most popular flowering plants to find in homes and offices is an orchid. While they bloom in a variety of colors, pink, yellow, or green are best suited for welcoming a new neighbor. Pink orchids represent joy, yellow signifies new beginnings and friendship, and green orchids are believed to bring good fortune and blessings.


Monstera plants are becoming quite the trendy green houseplant, and it is easy to see why. Their large and vibrant tropical leaves instantly make any room feel cozy and refreshed. In eastern cultures, monstera plants are linked to honor, respect, and longevity.

Lucky Bamboo

Gifting the new kid on the block some luck as they navigate their new home is a wonderful sentiment. Lucky bamboo makes for an incredible housewarming gift since it is not only fun to look at and brings good luck but is also tied to happiness, harmony, and peace.

Peace Lily

The name “peace lily” alone is enough to bring peaceful, calming, zen, and warm feelings into a home. However, peace lily plants have more to offer, from alluring white blooms among rich green leaves to their symbolism of prosperity, good luck, and fortune.


Sometimes, new neighbors are beginning multiple new chapters in their life, for instance, a new job or marriage. Peonies are alluring flowers that can speak to these types of life events as they are often used to celebrate a happy marriage, love, joy, wealth, good fortune, and goodwill. Gifting peonies to welcome your new neighbors is synonymous with sending them best wishes.


Nothing says “welcome” like a sunflower’s large, yellow, round face waiting to greet you. As it follows the sun, this bloom is bursting with mood-lifting abilities, adds a pop of sunshine to the home, and signifies peace, love, happiness, optimism, and longevity. It’s the ideal housewarming bloom.

Stargazer Lilies

Like orchids, the significance and symbolism behind stargazer lilies rely on the color of their bold, daring, and exquisite petals. Yellow lilies represent joy, while pink lilies are said to bring abundance and prosperity. A mixed bouquet of lilies is a brilliant welcoming gift for new neighbors.


Blooming in the springtime, daffodils are symbols of new beginnings, which makes them ideal cheerful flowers for someone moving into a new home. Their unique, quirky, and trumpet-like appearance symbolizes chivalry or being courteous and thoughtful like a good neighbor.

While greeting a new neighbor with any gift is a lovely sentiment, these welcoming plants and flowers are truly magnificent and thoughtful. If you enjoy gifting botanicals based on symbolism, be sure to dive into the Language of Flowers and browse our collection here at Bosland’s Flower Shop.

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