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Create the perfect day of love right from your living room this year. Arrange a surprise delivery, set the mood with a fresh ambiance, share some love, and relax with some of your favorite activities. Whether you spend the day with loved ones or enjoy some peace and quiet, your friends at Bosland’s Flower Shop in Wayne, put together the best guide for an at-home Valentine’s Day.  

Seven Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Activities

Designed in a mason jar (sayings may vary), this Valentine arrangement is sure to please. Match this with an added Valentine balloon or chocolates and you have the perfect Valentine gift.

Spread Love with Flowers

Spread some love with your Valentine this year. Take a few moments out of your day to shop Bosland’s collection of gorgeous flowers. You’ll feel joy as you admire beautiful arrangements online and coordinate your special deliveries to family, friends, and neighbors. Pick your favorites to enjoy in your own home as well, like “Cupid’s Sweetheart.” 

Old Hollywood movie in black and white

Hold a Romantic Movie Marathon

Transform your living room into an ideal romantic movie theater. Roll out plush blankets and soft pillows, and burn your favorite scented candles. Dive into a full line-up of romantic classics like “Casablanca,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Titanic.” Feel the love all around you as you relax and enjoy your day. 

Ballroom dancing couple

Learn to Ballroom Dance

From a romantic tango to a charming waltz, ballroom dance is the language of your soul. Treat your Valentine to a unique at-home date with online dance lessons. Search for a virtual class or come up with your own choreography and dance to your favorite songs. You might discover a hidden talent or fall head over heels again for your love

Nostalgic board game pieces

Play Nostalgic Board Games

A sweet Valentine’s Day spent at home could use some nostalgia. Dust off your favorite games and start the fun. Act like kids again as you enjoy a day of laughter and friendly competition. The winner might even be able to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner.

Homemade heart shaped pizza

Cook a Romantic Meal Together

Is the way to your Valentine’s heart through their stomach? Spend the afternoon with an at-home cooking date. Enjoy quality time together in the kitchen making memories as well as an exquisite dinner. Set the table with fresh flowers and romantic candles. Then, enjoy homemade chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. 

Virtual yoga class with green yoga mat and open laptop

Practice Yoga

Show yourself some love as soon as you wake up. Find a self-love yoga class to join online and begin your day with undivided attention to yourself. You deserve to escape reality, clear your mind, and start your day feeling loved and relaxed.

Donation boxes of shoes and clothes

Make a Loving Donation

While you enjoy quality time with your sweetheart or some “me time,” don’t forget to share your love with others. Take some time out of your day and show your gratitude and admiration for a special organization that tugs at your heartstrings. Make their Valentine’s Day memorable as well by filling it with love and a generous donation.

Make your day, or someone else’s special, might we suggest with beautiful blooms from Bosland’s? Whatever you decide to do today, do it with love. We wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Valentine’s Day.