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The Top Flowers of Spring

Forget about spring cleaning! Nothing brightens and freshens a home for the new season quite like a vase full of spring flowers. They look lovely, and their sweet fragrance will refresh the air. At Bosland’s Flower Shop, we’re excited to celebrate spring’s arrival by sharing our shop full of spring blooms and new seasonal designs with everyone in and around Wayne, NJ!

Fun Facts about Spring Flowers

This year, spring begins on March 19th, the day of the vernal equinox. This is the point in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, where the day is as long as the night. After we pass the vernal equinox, days in the Northern Hemisphere begin growing longer until the first day of summer. Flowers don’t know that it’s the equinox, but they do know that they receive more sunlight every day. This is, in addition to the warmer temperatures, is what prompts them to begin growing and blooming.

The United States celebrates the first day of spring on the equinox, but in Japan, spring officially starts when their national flower, the cherry blossom, begins to bloom.

This exciting bouquet includes hot pink roses, orange spray roses, green button spray chrysanthemums, purple carnations and bupleurum. Delivered in a glass bubble bowl.

Smile For Me

When Do Spring Flowers Actually Start Blooming? 

The earliest spring flowers to bloom — snowdrops, crocuses, and Lenten roses to name a few — actually bloom well before spring arrives. Even in cold, snowy climates, these beauties pop their colors through the frost and ice to announce the end of winter (sometimes as early as late January). Other flowers, also considered early bloomers, unfurl their petals starting in late March. These include daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and pansies. Late spring flowers don’t come out until the end of May or the middle of June. Lilacs, daisies, peonies, roses, and bluebells are in this sun-loving category.

Seven of Our Favorite Flowers for Spring

Thousands of flowers bloom during the springtime, blanketing the world with color. As a result, it’s really tough to choose just a few top favorites. We think the following are some of the most popular, fragrant, and fun for celebrating spring. 




1. Tulips

How can we list favorite spring flowers and not includes tulips right at the top? These beauties have strong, green stalks and their blooms provide bulbous pops of color. They bloom in a seemingly endless number of varieties and color combinations, including just about every shade and tint on the rainbow. Tulips generally symbolize love, but individual colors have their own symbolic meanings. For example, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and red tulips are for true love. Whatever color you choose, they’re perfect for celebrating Easter, Mother’s Day, or a spring birthday.






2. Daffodils

Daffodils are another quintessential springtime bloom. When you think of buzzing bees, butterflies, and hatching chicks, you probably think of daffodils, too! Just like spring, daffodils and their trumpet-shaped sunny flowers, represent renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings.





Pink Azaleas


3. Azaleas

Azaleas are the official flower of femininity. Perhaps, because they are so lovely. These dark-foliage shrubs bloom abundantly with ruffled flowers in just about every shade of red, pink, and white.







4. Ranunculus

These whimsical wonders are a favorite for springtime because they’re in-season, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. They bloom in just about every color, making them a great addition to any floral design, and they represent charm and attractiveness.





Colorful Roses


5. Roses

We love roses any time of the year, but they’re actually in-season in the spring. This means they’re at their most beautiful, freshest, and most affordable this time of the year. If you dream of a wedding adorned with endless roses, then it’s best to plan spring nuptials. Roses have different symbolic meanings, depending on the color of the bloom. Red roses obviously represent romance. Pink stands for admiration, orange equals passion, yellow is for friendship, and lavender roses are for a love at first sight.




colorful hyacinth


6. Hyacinth

Hyacinths bloom in early spring, sometimes fighting their way through the snow. They come in pretty shades of blue, purple, pink, and white, and they have a lovely sweet perfume that will quickly fill a room with warm springtime feelings. These flowers symbolize constancy and sincerity.







7. Daisies

Daisies don’t bloom until the end of spring, but they’re worth the wait. These delicate beauties are an all-time favorite. Classic daisies have sunny yellow centers surrounded by fresh, white petals. But they come in other varieties, like Gerbera daisies that bloom in the most brilliant shades of pink, orange, and yellow. Daisies are perfect for new mothers and Mother’s Day because they celebrate motherhood and childbirth.



Get Ready for Spring with Seasonal Bouquets and Plants

If you’re as excited for spring as our florists at Bosland’s Flower Shop, then we recommend welcoming the season with a fresh bouquet of spring flowers or a seasonal blooming potted plant. Whether you spring for lilacs, fall in love with tulips, or ramp up the romance with a bouquet of roses and ranunculus, you can’t go wrong when celebrating springtime with flowers!