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Posted by boslandsflowershop on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: December 17, 2023 Flowers Valentines Day

Top Picks: The Best Plants and Flowers to Gift Men This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re still trying to decide what to get your husband, partner, or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, the experts at Bosland’s Flower Shop, the best florist in Wayne, NJ, are rounding up the perfect collection of plants and blooms that your man is sure to love. Flowers might seem like an odd choice of gift for a guy on Valentine’s Day, but they’re actually loved and cherished by men just as much as they are by women. The Society of American Florists found that 60% of men would be so happy to receive a fresh bouquet of blooms. Unfortunately, a poll by Interflora discovered that only 12% of men have ever been gifted flowers. Don’t deprive your favorite guy of the joy of receiving a fresh Valentine’s Day present this year! It might even spark some romance. Studies have shown that men who receive flowers become more open and communicative, make better eye contact, and stand closer to those around them. So, if you’re hoping to share a few intimate moments with your significant other, don’t overlook these fresh, blooming gifts for him.

Green Houseplants

Gifting your man a vibrant green plant on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful expression of love. Plants have the power to enhance his health and well-being, reduce his stress, improve the air quality around him, and, of course, boost his mood. This thoughtful gesture reflects your care and consideration for him while offering something beautiful and unique for him to admire. Caring for a plant also encourages him to tap into his nurturing side, offering a sense of responsibility and fulfillment as he watches it grow and flourish — a meaningful symbol of his dedication and care for your relationship.


Since men tend to favor more contemporary designs with a more masculine look than traditional floral arrangements, succulents are ideal Valentine’s Day gifts. Symbolizing resilience, succulents have adapted to thrive in unfavorable conditions and store water in their stems and leaves. This makes them easier to care for than most plants, which is good news for the man who is always on the go or has yet to develop a green thumb. Succulents are the perfect adornments for small spaces like apartments and office spaces and are a special reminder of the enduring nature of your love.

Flowering Plants

Men are often drawn to tropical flowering plants, especially white orchids, that can reduce tension and promote tranquility. Despite what you may have heard about orchids, these plants are easy to care for and can thrive for years. As his orchid reblooms, he is sure to enjoy the beauty, calmness, and reminder of your flourishing love that it brings.

Bright Blooms

For the man who could use a little pop of color on Valentine’s Day, consider a bouquet of bright, bold blooms. Whether the design features striking stems, like anthuriums or birds of paradise, is minimalistic, taking cues from modern art, or speaks to his ruggedness and passion for the great outdoors, allow the colors and flowers to reflect his unique style. A floral arrangement can also tell the story of your love, incorporating flowers that remind him of a treasured memory you share.

Red Roses

Roses speak the same language of love and romance to all who marvel over their beauty. Red roses, in particular, are the traditional symbol of admiration, passion, and devotion, which makes them the quintessential flower for Valentine’s Day — even for men. The timeless allure and fragrance of roses evoke feelings of joy, comfort, warmth, and love. We cannot think of anything better to gift your man on Valentine’s Day than these classic blooms.

If you’re not sure how to surprise your number one guy on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! Our romance experts and professional florists at Bosland’s Flower Shop are always happy to point you in the right direction or create something bespoke just for him.