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Run for the Roses

June is finally here, which not only marks the official start of summer but it also means National Rose Month!

Colorful, fragrant, and graceful, it’s no wonder roses hold a special allure for romantics, artists, and designers alike. In fact, roses are overwhelmingly the world’s undisputed favorite flower with over 85% of people calling it their top choice. Even our friends, family, and loyal customers here at Bosland’s Flower Shop in Wayne, NJ often flock to our elegant and classic rose bouquets and arrangements.

Heart's Promise from Bosland's Flower Shop

Heart’s Promise from Bosland’s Flower Shop

Rose blooms span nearly the full-color spectrum from delicate shades of soft pastels to bold confident hues in solid, striped, or variegated petals. From the purest white to the darkest red, plus pink, yellow, orange, mauve, russet (and many shades in between), roses coordinate with any setting. Their fragrance will fill a room with classic rose, citrus, sweet, or spicy notes, and their durability allows them to adapt well to nearly any weather environment.

It’s not surprising that roses have accumulated deep symbolism and a devoted following. They are America’s national flower, as well as the state flower of Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia. They’re June’s birth flower and the 15th and 50th wedding anniversary flower. New Year’s Day celebrates them with a parade and college football bowl game in Pasadena, California.


Why do we send roses?

Roses are an irresistible indulgence and an excellent way to express your true feelings. When you’re tongue-tied or can’t find the right words to express your feelings, there’s no better flower than roses to do the talking for you. Roses have long been used to send covert messages which are easily decoded if you know their secret language. From love at first sight, friendship, or true love and new beginnings, appreciation, and congratulations, there is a color to symbolize your heartfelt sentiment.

Did you know there is a whole language around the color of roses?

Red – enduring love, romance
Lavender – love at first sight, enchantment
Bright orange – passion, excitement, and fascination
Coral – desire, happiness
Yellow – friendship, gladness, delight
Light pink – happiness, joy, admiration
Deep pink – appreciation, thankfulness
White – innocence, purity, honor, reverence
Peach – appreciation, admiration, modesty

What makes a rose a rose?

The rose family, scientifically known as the “Roseacea Family” includes trees and plants in addition to our beloved rose flowers. Rose flowers in particular grow and bloom into a brilliant fragrant plant with overlapping petal layers, five sepals, and many stamens surrounding the pistil of the flower. Rose petals are can vary from small and sweet spray roses to large and grand garden roses. Although there is a myriad of rose types, you are sure to be able to spot this classic and popular bloom from afar.

Big bunch of red roses

Why types of roses are there?

While there are over 100 species of roses, the three main types are Old Garden Roses, Wild Roses, and Modern Garden Roses. Old Garden Roses include those such as the China Rose, Noisette Rose, Tea Rose, Bourbon Rose, and Damask Rose. Some of the most common roses found in the U.S. and around the world today are Modern Garden Roses, including the Hybrid Tea Rose, Floribunda Rose, Grandifloras Rose, Miniature Rose, Climbing Rose, Shrub Rose, English Rose, Groundcover Rose, Polyantha Rose, and Rambling Rose.

Here are 10 more fun facts about roses that will give you an even greater appreciation of our favorite flower:

  1. The first rose fossil was found in Florissant, Colorado, and dated back to 35 million years ago.
  2. There is no such thing as a “black” rose. The closest to black is a rare breed called the Turkish Halfeti – a dark deep crimson that appears black to the eye.
  3. The term “thorns” is technically incorrect when referring to the sharp objects on the stems of roses. The correct term is “prickles.” Thorns have deeper roots in a plant’s stem whereas prickles attach to the surface.
  4. There is, however, a blue rose. Rose petals lack an enzyme that is necessary to create a blue pigment. For years, breeders have tried to cross different colored roses to create what seemed impossible. In 2009, however, with the help of genetic engineering, the world’s first blue rose was created.
  5. Colorful Rainbow Roses from Bosland's Flower Shop

    Colorful Rainbow Roses from Bosland’s Flower Shop

    More than 54% of the land in Ecuador is used to cultivate roses. Over 80% of the land of Zambia is cultivated with roses as well.

  6. Rose hips contain more vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable.
  7. George Washington was the first rose breeder in the United States. He named a variety after his mother, Mary.
  8. The tallest rose bush measured in at over 23 feet tall!
  9. Roses can live a long time. The oldest rose bush in the world is over 1,000 years old and is found covering the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim Germany.
  10. The world’s most expensive rose was called “Juliet” and sold in the year 2006 for $15.8 million.

Since it is National Rose Month, there’s no better time than now to send some fantastic roses to someone special in your life. Check out our website for some of our amazing designs that feature roses in a multitude of colors and styles.

At Bosland’s Flower Shop, we truly have something for everyone! If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call or stop in and talk to one of our designers and we’ll make something completely unique that you’re sure to love!