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Posted by boslandsflowershop on January 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Flowers


The joy of gift-giving is always a meaningful experience to both the sender and receiver. However, if you’re stuck on what to send to your loved ones, this joy might come a little later in the process. Your friends at Bosland’s Flower Shop in Wayne, are here to make this Valentine’s Day joyful right from the start for you and your significant other. Check out our list of the perfect gifts we know your long-distance Valentine will truly adore.

Seven Romantic Ways To Say, “I Love You” From Afar

Heart-Shaped Jigsaw

Gift your long-distance sweetheart a fun way to pass the time this Valentine’s Day. A cute heart-shaped or romantic-themed puzzle is the thoughtful gift you’ve been looking for. Your number one guy or gal will enjoy counting down the days until they get to see you again, while they piece together a challenging jigsaw.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Gadgets

A virtual breakfast date for Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without heart-shaped pancakes or waffles. Even if you can’t be there to stir the batter yourself, you can be sure your sweetie’s breakfast spread looks just as romantic as ever. Send the gift of a sweet morning with a heart-shaped waffle iron, pan, or cookie cutter. They’ll love thinking of you while they enjoy every delicious, heart-shaped bite.

Cozy Scented Candle

The perfect cozy gift for your honey is a candle that reminds them of something special or takes them back to a moment in time. A romantic memory, fun adventure, their loved ones, home, or simply a fragrance they love are all meaningful choices. Turn up the romance and add a creative personal label. Include a photo of the two of you or a special image of what the fragrance represents.

Custom Coffee Mug

The most romantic gift you can send your coffee-loving (or tea-loving) Valentine is a mug that they can cherish and use daily. Make it a personal souvenir from your relationship with a custom photo or the lyrics to your favorite love song. There’s nothing better than waking up with a hot cup-of-joe in the morning, especially if it’s poured into a cozy mug that reminds you of your loved one.

Conversation Starters

If your long-distance relationship relies on video chats and phone calls, it’s time to start getting creative. The perfect gift for your significant other is thoughtful and romantic, like the gift of new conversation topics. This year, send them a conversation starter deck and get excited about a new kind of virtual date night.

Three sweet roses in a glass bud vase arrive with a soft, plush bear

Triple Rose Vase & Teddy Bear

Not all romantic gifts need to be elaborate or personal. A simple gesture like an adorable cuddly teddy bear clutching three magnificent long-stem roses of their favorite color is sure to do the trick. Our Triple Rose Vase & Teddy Bear combination is the sweetest way to show your long-distance romance you’re thinking of them.

The rich hues of 10 deep red, lavender and white roses fill this cube vase with deluxe greens and filler

“Perfect 10”

Score a “Perfect 10” with your other half by sending this bright and beautiful floral arrangement. Fresh and rich blooms never fall short in saying “I love you,” and these are sure to make their day. They’ll love coming home to romantic red, calming lavender, and pure white roses nestled in a modern cube vase.

We know your options for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift are endless. Don’t overthink it. Bosland’s Flower Shop team has many years of professional experience delivering romantic gifts, and it’s been proven time after time that it’s the thought that counts. Your long-distance love will grin from ear to ear knowing you’ve put your heart into their sweet surprise.