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Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Blooms

Both pets and flowers can play a role in inspiring peace and contentment throughout our days. From their unconditional love and furry faces to vibrant petal hues and sweet uplifting scents, it’s easy to see how they can brighten up our lives and our homes. Creating a harmonious environment that is safe and healthy for all involves being mindful of which flowers could have a negative effect on our beloved dogs and cats and which can have a positive effect. The animal and floral lovers here at Bosland’s Flower Shop, the top florist in Wayne, have a brilliant list of our favorite pet-friendly blooms perfect for your home.

Safe Flowers for Pets


If your romantic partner is a pet parent, roses are still a safe and classic go-to bloom to show your affection. While snacking on rose petals is usually harmless to dogs and cats, it is of the utmost importance to be sure that the thorns have all been removed. As an elegant symbol of love, and non-toxic to the fur babies we adore, roses will always be perfect for anyone and remain a crowd-pleaser.


A symbol of optimism, positivity, joy, and happiness, sunflowers are radiating with uplifting inspiration. Like gerbera daisies, sunflowers prove to be a safe and pet-friendly alternative to the not-so-pet-friendly common daisy or chrysanthemum. Although sunflowers are usually harmless to our four-legged friends, if they snack on these blooms too often, as with most non-toxic botanicals, they may end up with an upset stomach.


While there are numerous non-toxic, colorful flowers that flourish in the summertime, snapdragons are among the colorful blooms that can brighten up your space in either early spring or late fall. As they are frost tolerant and can thrive in cool weather, snapdragons can certainly do well in your home as they add a pop of color to your favorite arrangement or are nestled into bud vases. One of the best parts of snapdragons is that pets can safely cohabitate with them.


Known for their bright, bold, tropical hues, zinnias are one of the best flowers to brighten up any garden, home, or gloomy day. Pet parents love that these flowers require minimal care in addition to proving harmless to furry friends. Simply place them in a warm sunny spot and watch as their signature faces continue to blossom and open as the days go on.

African Violet

The easy to grow, low-maintenance African Violet produces lavender, pink, red, blue, and white ruffled blooms, and velvety green leaves all year long. While they have been loved by many since the 19th century, African Violets have grown to become one of the most popular blooming houseplants for decades, just ask your grandmother. Brighten up your kitchen with this nostalgic, pet-approved flower for a charming and lovely feel.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

As you create a pet-friendly home and curate a safe collection of blooms, you still want to make sure their furry paws and curious noses cannot reach them. The best way to ensure your fantastic flowers thrive in peace is by designing an area on your porch or in your home that is screened in or blocked off. Get creative and hang your favorites on the wall or display them on a high shelf where they can easily be seen, admired, and make a statement. For more recommendations or insight on flowers that are safe for your cats or dogs, visit Bosland’s Flower Shop or consult the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.