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Petals & Progress: Celebrate Your Support System on Women’s Day

Sending flowers on International Women’s Day, which falls annually on March 8th, is like giving a personal shoutout to the inspiring women in your life. The mimosa flower is a classic choice as the official flower of IWD, symbolizing all the great qualities of femininity and strength. And then you have your springtime favorites – peonies, tulips, gerbera daisies – each one a fantastic way to radiate celebratory vibes and gratitude. Stick with the traditional hues of IWD, purple for loyalty and devotion, green for hope, and white for loyalty, or consult your flower dictionary for the ideal symbolic stems and hues. Once you’ve found that absolutely perfect arrangement at Boslands Flower Shop, the top florist in Wayne, the big question will be who will the lucky woman or ally be on the receiving end!

Female Family Members

Let’s start with our incredible moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, and cousins – the original girl gang that’s had your back since, well, forever. These ladies are out there juggling careers, caregiving, and being all-around legends every single day. So, when IWD rolls around, send some flower power and love their way! In this digital age, sending flowers is one of the most genuine ways to share your emotions, make loved ones smile, and stay connected.

Your Biggest Supporters

IWD goes beyond celebrating women. It’s also about recognizing the people who stand up with you, encourage you to go the extra mile, and root for all women to succeed – better known as your ride-or-dies. When their unwavering support steals the spotlight, gender becomes irrelevant. The allies who fight alongside women are some of the most essential and true influencers in the movement toward equality for all! It’s a no-brainer — send these people some flowers!

Mentors and Teachers

Think back to your school days, and you’ll likely remember that one teacher, coach, or advisor who played a pivotal role in your life. Whether it was decoding Shakespearean sonnets, unlocking your potential on the soccer field, or introducing you to the geeky joys of AV club, these mentors were the trailblazers of your academic journey and beyond. Their most valuable lessons have obviously stayed with you long after that final exam — helping you smash through glass ceilings and pave your one unique path through the world. Imagine the smile on their face when they receive the most heartwarming flowers from you on IWD!

Inspiring Co-Workers

When the thought of heading to work actually fills you with excitement, and you can’t remember what the Sunday scaries feel like, you know you’ve landed in a special kind of workplace. You’re not surrounded by just any colleagues; you’ve got the crème de la crème — the cool colleagues who bring the vibe and the drive! They’re your go-to when you need to let out a big eye-roll during those meetings that “definitely could’ve been an email.” They’re your grammar guru when you’re in a pinch and your partner-in-crime for coffee breaks. As IWD approaches, it’s only fair to send some joy and the freshest flowers their way! Raise a glass (or a coffee mug) to the incredible women and allies who turn your 9-5 grind into days filled with purpose, motivation, and meaningful connections.


Last, and most certainly not least, is YOU! We saved the best for last because you deserve some major props for getting yourself to where you are today. Of course, you had inspiration and motivation along the way, but YOU made it happen! So, absolutely take IWD to shower yourself with flowers, love, words of affirmation, and all the self-care and good vibes you want. Root for yourself, celebrate your wins, and get ready for the fantastic things that are still yet to come — and trust us, they will. So, hit up your local flower shop (hint, hint) and buy yourself your favorite flowers!

Whether you’re honoring your idol, an extraordinary woman, or a friend who always has your back, Bosland’s Flower Shop is your confidant in making sure they know they have a special place in your heart on IWD.

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