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Fun Decor Ideas for the Perfect Backyard Bash

A perfect backyard BBQ goes beyond the delicious and mouthwatering burgers and brisket. Enjoy spending quality time with loved ones while you surround yourself with mother nature’s beauty. While your outdoor space may be beautiful as it is, kick it up a notch for this special celebration or casual cookout. Your friends here at Boslands Flower Shop, the top florist in Wayne, are sharing their best hosting tips when it comes to the perfect flower decor for your BBQ.

The Best Ways to Style Your Outdoor BBQ

Colorful flowers in tin cans

Recycle Containers for Rustic Vases

Among the many ways to incorporate fresh summer blooms into your backyard BBQ, one creative idea is to recycle tin cans and other unique finds for DIY vases. Whether you dress them up in twine, ribbon, or paint, the repurposed, vintage, and rustic look is sure to liven up the atmosphere of your cookout. Guests will marvel over, appreciate, and comment on your artistry and originality, or perhaps want to join in on the creative fun for next time.

Large centerpiece with all pink flowers for a monochromatic statement piece

Display a Monochromatic Arrangement

The best way to add a grand pop of color while keeping your decor modern and minimalistic is with one large, monochromatic focal piece. This eye-catching arrangement will be the hit of your backyard bash as guests admire the variety of blooms that create one clean and sleek centerpiece. Watch your whole look come together as this singular “wow factor” works to elevate the rest of your decor. Choose a complementary color that goes hand-in-hand with the rest of your theme in the most stylish way.

Yellow flowers hanging in glass vases

Hang Florals from Tree Branches

Enhance the natural beauty of your backyard and hang a bunch of mini floral arrangements from tree branches or hooks. Display single flowers in glass jars and a few stems in hanging bud vases for a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and heights. If you also plan to string up some café bulbs or other lighting, let these two pieces of décor work together to create a fun yet romantic feel as the sun sets. Guests will love the unexpectedness of your creative décor as they admire the summer blooms hanging above.

White flowers in green bud vases

Scatter Bud Vases Around Tables

Bud vases are some of the most versatile décor items. With their array of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes, they create an eclectic look that can be described as everything from vintage and rustic to chic and artistic. As you choose a variety of blooms to arrange in these beautiful glass pieces, the options for display are endless. Scatter them throughout each table, carefully place them in a pattern down the center of a long table, or position them in clusters for creative centerpieces.

Best Flowers for Your Backyard BBQ Decor

While selecting your favorite summer flowers and greenery for your outdoor décor, it is important to find quality blooms that are sure to last under the summer sun. A few great options are:

Wax flowers









From guest tables and food stations to trees and other clever locations, there is an endless amount of room to think outside of the box when it comes to decor. Incorporating the loveliest summer flowers to enhance the natural beauty of your backyard is an elegant and creative way to make your cookout simply special. As you explore various ideas and possibilities, reach out to your friends here at Bosland’s Flower Shop for an extra helping hand. 

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