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Posted by boslandsflowershop on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Flowers

5 Ways To Make Students College-Ready

Sending your student off to college is an exciting and scary time. You know they’re ready for the independence and responsibility that comes with living away from home. But, you also want to care for them as they navigate new waters. At Bosland’s Flower Shop, we understand that and want to help you send your student off with everything they need, and maybe even some things they don’t! So, we’ve compiled a list of a few things you’ll want to send with your student as they head off to college in the fall.

Flowers to Brighten Student’s Day

hugs for you bear bouquet pink, purple, peach flowers



Our adorable Hugs For You design features a gorgeous mix of fresh cut spring flowers in a clear glass vase. A sweet white teddy bear hugs the vase and peeks out from behind. What a thoughtful reminder to your student that they are loved and missed. 



white, purple, pink flowers bouquet




Add Delightful color and beauty to their dorm or apartment with this gorgeous display. Daisies, carnations, stock and accent flowers will last a long time in this clear glass bubble bowl. Accented with a silk butterfly, this is a great reminder for them to become everything they were meant to be. 


Other Gifts

A Sturdy Safe. It’s not necessarily something you think of, because students don’t usually have a lot of valuables hanging around their dorm room. However, a small safe that can be stowed and locked might be a great place for emergency cash, backup electronics or special mementos from home. 

A Microwave… and microwavable s’mores maker. Yes, it’s a thing and your student (and their roommates) will love it. A microwave will certainly serve to keep your student well-fed quickly without too much mess. Help them have a lot of fun and keep nourished on the run.

A TV Streaming Device. There are so many options out there today for watching shows whenever you choose. A device like this will allow your student to relax and unwind with their favorite shows whenever they choose. 

A Tablet and accessories. While all college students will need access to an actual computer, a tablet, complete with chargers, cases, and a portable keyboard will allow your student online connectivity while in class or on the go.

A Pick-Me-Up from home. No matter how prepared and independent your student may be, everyone needs to know they’re loved and supported from time to time. Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a long-lasting plant to your student on the first day of class. You’ll let them know you’re thinking of them and miss them.


Encourage and support your college student with college life accessories that will enhance their college experience. Make this season of life fun and efficient, while letting them know how proud you are. Talk to the design experts at Bosland’s Flower Shop for more great ideas about how to send your college student off to school in style.