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This custom truck is over 5ft long. This can be customized to any color.

The custom floral truck from Bosland's Flower Shop is a striking and inventive display of floral artistry designed to capture the essence of a classic vehicle in full bloom. This elaborate piece is a testament to the creativity and skill of the florists at Bosland's, who can transform flowers into a vibrant, life-sized representation of personal interests or passions.

The truck's body is richly adorned with bright red blooms, creating the look of a shiny paint job under the lights. The contrast of gray and silver florals forms the truck's grille and exhaust, adding dimension and realism to the display. The wheels are especially eye-catching, with silver flowers meticulously arranged to mimic the shine of chrome rims and black blooms to represent the tires. 

The personalization makes the arrangement not just a decorative piece but also a heartfelt tribute. Whether for a funeral, a commemoration, or a special event, this custom floral truck is a unique way to celebrate a person's life, hobbies, or profession. It's a statement piece that would stand out at any occasion, providing a memorable focal point that speaks to the life and interests of the individual it's meant to represent.

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DELIVERY: Due to the unique nature of flowers, designs may vary. Orders are hand-delivered directly to the recipient by Bosland's Flowers or a qualified local florist.

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